7 January 2020 Current Affairs in English – Current GK Quiz in English

7 January 2020 Current Affairs in English: 07 January 2020 Daily Current Affairs questions and answers in English. This Current Affairs and General Knowledge Quiz will be helpful for the upcoming SSC, UPSC, Railway, Bank, Railway, Clerk, PO, Police, Exams. Know about 7 January 2020 Daily Current Affairs.

7 January 2020 Current Affairs in English

1. At what age did Dumraon Maharaja Kamal Bahadur Singh, who was the Member of Parliament of the first Lok Sabha of India, died?

  • 89 Years
  • 91 Years
  • 93 Years
  • 95 Years
Correct Answer

Answer: (c) 93 years

2. Sucheta Satish who has sung in how many languages, has won the “Global Child Prodigy Award 2020”?

  • 100 Languages
  • 120 Languages
  • 125 Languages
  • 130 Languages
Correct Answer

Answer: (b) 120 languages

3. Which state celebrates Lai Haroba festival?

  • Delhi
  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Tripura
Correct Answer

Answer: (d) Tripura

4. What is the name of the award given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to progressive farmers of the states?

  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Agricultural Good Fortune
  • Agricultural Labor
  • Agricultural Land
Correct Answer

Answer: (c) Agricultural Labor

5. Recently under which scheme 171 hospitals have been excluded from the panel on charges of forgery?

  • Loyalty Scheme
  • One Nation One Card Scheme
  • Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme
  • Shreyas Scheme
Correct Answer

Answer: (c) Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme

6. Which state government has announced to celebrate the birth anniversary of Arun Jaitley as a state function every year?

  • Government of Kerala
  • Government of Bihar
  • Government of Uttarakhand
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh
Correct Answer

Answer: (b) Government of Bihar

7. The world’s first and youngest tribal woman who climbed the six highest peaks of six continents and made a record?

  • Malavath Poorna
  • Susanti Raheau
  • Sarita Godara
  • Shina Jain
Correct Answer

Answer: (a) Malavath Poorna

8. New Zealand’s Leo Carter has become the batsman of the world who hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over?

  • Second
  • Third
  • Fifth
  • Seventh
Correct Answer

Answer: (d) Seventh

9. Name the first satellite of the year 2020, which ISRO will launch on January 17, 2020?

  • RISAT-3B
  • AMISAT-4
  • GSAT-30
  • GSAT-11
Correct Answer

Answer: (c) GSAT-30

10. Who has been appointed as the new commander of the Quds Force of Iran by Qasim Suleimani, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran?

  • Ismail Ahmed
  • Ismail Khamenei
  • Ismail Kani
  • Ismail Sulemani
Correct Answer

Answer: (c) Ismail Kani

7 January 2020 Current Affairs in English and stay tuned for all kinds of general knowledge quiz in English (www.latestgovtjobs.in).

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